Monday, January 17, 2011


Neither of my sensational boys has every been a chewer.  David avoids nearly anything in his mouth and Caleb has been pretty typical.

Till now.  He's chewing on everything.  The DSi stylus, LEGO bricks, his nails, his toenails.  I bought him Twizzlers to chew on, but he doesn't like them.  What are other good chewing foods?

I want to make him a chewy necklace for school.  The only thing I've come up with is buying a baby chew toy and drilling a hole for a necklace?  He's five, so he needs something that's big boy and definitely boyish.  He is in preschool, so it's not like he has a pencil in his hand to have a pencil topper.

I feel so bad for him.  He gets embarrassed when I catch him.  I don't scold him, I tell him he needs something safe to chew on and offer a Twizzler or crunchy food.  I don't like offering food because of David's eating issues.

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  1. We have chewing problems too. Kaia chews on dolls, her shirt, her jacket... anything but food (go figure!). I found a couple web site that might help you... bee looking at getting one of these for Kaia (and they have some nice "boy" ones in black and white)

    We did get her one of these. For out and about (where the chewy can get dropped on the floor accidentally), this is a life saver.

    Hope it helps!