Thursday, May 31, 2012

I Love Your Asperger's

Yesterday, the boy and I were leaving his appointment, and I talked to the counselor for a few minutes. We were discussing his progress, and she said "the proof is in the pudding."

As we walked out, the boy looked at me with his big, brown eyes and asked where the pudding was. I hugged him and told him how much I love his Asperger's. Of course, he still didn't quite get where-- or what-- the pudding was, but he felt a little better.

As we were driving home, I got sentimental about the impending end of elementary school. He put his arm on my shoulder and reassured me that he would be OK in intermediate school. This physical contact was a big breakthrough, and one I didn't realize was even missing until it happened.

Yes, he will be OK in intermediate school and beyond. I love him, and, yes, I love his Asperger's.