Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Chewy Jewelry and Toys for Sensory Seekers

One of my boys is a sensory seeker.  He chews on everything.  In school, he chews on his shirt or his pencil.  At home, he chews on small toys, pennies, and basically anything he can put in his mouth.

Since I can't get him to stop chewing, nor do I want to since that is how he regulates, I wanted to give him safe things to chew on.  I got him food safe tubing to chew on.  It is sturdy enough to chew on, and it is safe to put in his mouth.  This should not be used by little ones who can't tell you when there is a tear.  Do not leave a child unattended with this tubing.  I insect the tubing every time I give it to him to make sure it is still safe.

At school, he can't have tubing to chew on.  He doesn't like to self-regulate at school, so I got him a few things to help his day go a little easier and no one knows that he is seeking sensory input.

I love this necklace because he can wear a different design every day.  The lanyard breaks away easily so he won't get choked.

These are awesome because no one knows they are for his SPD.  They look like regular erasers, but he can chew on them all he wants.

These have knobs on them, so they provide more input than other styles.  My son uses these at home, and they are easy for little ones to hold.

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