Who We Are

David is almost 9 and was diagnosed with SPD at age 5.  He is a sensory avoider for touch, sound, and smell.  He also has low muscle tone and poor coordination.  He made a lot of progress with one year of OT.

Caleb is almost 5 and was diagnosed at 4.5.  He is the exact opposite of his brother and is very much a sensory seeker.  He craves crashing, jumping, bouncing, and all things physical.  He does shy away from loud noises and sometimes touch.  He received 10 weeks of OT and needs more, but right now it's a battle with the insurance company.  We continue to do therapeutic listening and do therapy at home.

Our baby, Dakota, is three.  So far, she seems neuro-typical.  She does receive speech therapy which could be due to SPD, but, so far, I'm not convinced that's the reason.

Me, I have a BA in psychology.  I didn't know what I wanted to do when I grew up, but thanks for my sensational kids, I do now.  I am either going to get my Masters in OT or become an OTA.  There are many factors that influence the decision and I need to decide soon.