Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Back To School

How are you (or did you) prepare for back to school?

My oldest is going into 4th grade this year.  This will be the first year that I am not sending a letter explaining his SPD for two reasons: we did not have an SPD-related issue last year and his teacher will be less than receptive. Yeah, we got that teacher.  

My middle child is entering K this year.  Last year, he was in preschool four 1/2 days a week.  He had an IEP for behavioral problems, but he was very well behaved.  (He held it together and melted at home.  Lucky me!)  His teacher is from a different elementary in the district, so I don't know anything about her.  I am going to write a letter introducing her to his SPD and what we can do to help him.  I'm offering to help whenever I can, and possibly brush him at lunch time.

Luckily, our school is very helpful and willing to make small accommodations.  Every time there has been a problem it was easily resolved with an email.  

Do you write letters to the teacher explaining your child's special needs?  Do you send it at the beginning of the year, or do you want until the teacher can meet your child?

(If you see this, Blogger has decided to let me post again.  How frustrating!)

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