Tuesday, December 7, 2010

After School Transitions With SPD

David has always had more problems with transitions than his younger siblings.  Luckily, at age 8 he can handle the transitions fairly well even if he doesn't like them.  The poor guy eats lunch at 11 and doesn't get out of school until 3:30.  You better believe by 3:30 he's starving (insert best 8 year old whine here).  A starving, out of sync 8 year old who doesn't transition well is not a child you want to take to the store.

We head to pick up the younger two from their second week of preschool.  They are doing well, but still adjusting.  Caleb, 4, is the model preschooler until his tush hits the car seat.  Then all bets are off.  He doesn't stop screaming, crying, and fighting until bedtime.

All I had to do was a quick stop at the post office and get cat food at Target.  That's it.  Why, why, why did I think this would be OK on the way home from school??

The whiiiiiiiining!

They were starving.

They wanted to go home.

She touched me.

He hit me.

He looked at me.

She thought about touching me.

Luckily there were no major melt downs in public.  No, my sensational kids reserve their bad behavior for when it's just them and Mom.   I practically begged Caleb to jump on the trampoline when we got home.  We settled for some brushing and cuddling.

Did I mention they were using their very loud vacuum right next to Caleb when I got there to pick him up?  I get that they are in a hurry to get home, but running a vacuum right next to a child who is hypersensitive to sounds?  Really?

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