Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Speech Therapy for SPD Eating Disorders

The largest struggle we have with David's SPD are his eating issues.  As if taste, texture, and smell sensitivities aren't enough for the poor kid, he also has low muscle tone and poor motor planning.  For years he kept saying he didn't know how to swallow.  He lives on PB&J, how can he not know how to swallow?

Well, turns out he doesn't know how to foods that is.  When things are new or different for him, he has a hard time figuring out how to swallow them.  He had a swallow test and upper GI and everything works right, so it must be motor planning.  The low muscle tone means he is actually in pain from chewing dinner.  He must feel like he's been working out for an hour just eating a meal!

After years of this, it's no wonder he's become the pickiest. eater. ever.  Ever.

I put him on the list for Speech therapy over two years ago and he finally got in about 2 months ago.  His ST is really silly and really gets him motived.  We (usually he) picks one new food every two weeks to try with her.  They play a game and take a bite in between turns.  The game is first; eating is secondary.  wink wink  He is rewarded with a turn on the equipment in the "big room" which is full of OT equipment he used to play on.

Today I took a slice of American cheese.  He ate half of a slice in 45 minutes.  We were thrilled with half a piece of cheese!   He even ate another half for dinner.  He promised her he would eat 6 half pieces in the next two weeks.

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