Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas Gifts for SPD Kids

It's too late for Christmas shipping this year, I'm afraid, but my SPD boys have January and February birthdays. What are some good gift ideas?

I'm going to do a post tomorrow with some more ideas, but for now, share ideas.  Thanks xoxo


  1. I made these marble mazes for my boys' stockings. I think it qualifies as a motor skill activity, too, pinching to push the marble along the channel within the felt. Inexpensive and easy to make. I put a tutorial on my crafty blog for them : )

  2. Thanks for posting. Crafts and SPD moms. We could be BFFs :)

  3. We could : ) We have the same "crazy life" badge on our SPD blogs! I'm enjoying reading your blog. I got a huge kick out of your "Journey to Be a Better Mother" blog header on your other blog, too. HA!