Sunday, December 5, 2010

Sensory Processing Disorder Awareness Ribbon

I have searched the Internet and I can't find an "official" awareness ribbon. I am finding blue, purple, and orange, but blue seems to be the most popular and cited as the official color by the SPD Foundation in a third party email on a blog.

I wanted something with some more meaning than just a solid blue. I added waves to represent that SPD kids (adults) can be highly sensitive or or their sensitivity can be too low.

If you like this, please leave a comment. Feel free to share this, but please give me credit for the design.


  1. Hi Cari!

    I've never seen a SPD ribbon before either! The awareness ribbon families with SPD usually use is the silver one, it encompasses all of the nuerological differences. : )

    If you are blogging about SPD and want to join the SPD Blogger Network, you can find more information on my blog.

    Good luck!
    Hartley Steiner
    Award winning author of
    This is Gabriel Making Sense of School
    @ ParentingSPD

  2. Hi Hartley! I've read your blog before. Is that how you found me (from a comment?)

    This will be an SPD info and our story blog. It probably won't get really started for a few more weeks- after Christmas.

    I've seen the silver one, but I think we need our own. Almost no one knows what it is and I think it needs more awareness so people know that it's "real" and not just some made up label we give our kids bc they misbehave.

    I added your book to my Amazon wish list :)

  3. Consider joining the SPDBN Cari - we are kicking off a brand new GROUP blog on February 1, 2011 -- love to have you contribute!


  4. I looked for an SPD ribbon months ago and couldn't find anything. I like what you came up with!

  5. To date I have only found one site that lists the color as Blue.

    I LOVE your design. Have you considered listing it with CafePress?

  6. I am not on CafePress (yet), but I do have it on Zazzle within my photography shop

    I am hoping to get an Etsy seller to make me a custom made bracelet :)

  7. My 4 year old has SPD. I haven't been able to find other parents with children with this disorder. I feel like I am in the dark piloting on my own. We get mean and rude comments when in public. My family doesn't always seem to understand her disorder as well. We had to really push for the Dr's to stop labelling her as a picky eater. I think we need so much more awareness for this disorder. It hurts so much when people think that she is a spoiled child or that she has a behavioral problem. I love the ribbon design by the way. :-)

  8. Hello! I am wondering if I can use your brilliant ribbon designs at all? I'm starting up an SPD Awareness page on Facebook for Australians and would love to use it as our logo.

    If you would like to e-mail me I can be contacted at -

    Thank you!

  9. Placing on my blog and linking back to you.

  10. Just found your site. I also have a son (age 4) with SPD. My husband and I feel so alone; like no one around us understands. It's a relief to find others online who are dealing with the same issues. I am starting my own SPD blog as well.

  11. I didn't see a "Contact Me" section so I'll have to connect via a comment. I'd like to introduce you to Voices of Sensory Processing Disorder. This is a community website where bloggers can share their experiences, victories, tips and everyday challenges with others about sensory issues. And we want you! We’d love to share your writing. To learn more, please visit I hope you'll join us!

    Happy blogging,
    Jennifer Hughes
    Voices of Sensory Processing Disorder

  12. hi I am in Australia and there are no foundations or anything here when it comes to SPD. I am planning on starting an organisation to help raise funds for families that need sensory items that they cannot afford and also bring awareness to Australia. I feel I am always been seen as a bad mum because of how my child is in public. I am so sick of judgemental people and want it to change. Autism have loads of charities and foundations out there but like my son he is not autistic yet seen as the same by others.

  13. Also am I able to use your ribbon on my facebook page. It is only in the process of being set up but will be Little Sensationals Australia :)

  14. Yes, you may! Please link back to this post somewhere on the page. Thanks!